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Moss walls

Moss evokes mystery, whimsy, and long-standing wisdom. Ambius brings these characteristics to life through custom moss walls designed to elevate your brand and enliven spaces.

Preserved moss walls have a long life, requiring minimal maintenance and no natural light. Ambius offers a standard moss range for businesses that need to make an immediate impact, and custom, one-of-a-kind walls that combine variations of moss for a distinct green design.

Moss walls can be combined with other living green wall systems to create dramatic, artistic statement pieces that bring inspiration.

Moss wall

Benefits of moss walls

Aside from its low-maintenance nature and unique design opportunities, moss walls have many benefits for indoor spaces.

  • Air quality improvements - Moss filters pollutants out of the air which its bacteria then break down and use as biomass. 
  • Noise reduction - Much like other green walls, moss walls absorb sound, helping to control excess noise.
  • Moisture level stabilization - When the humidity in a space is high, moss can absorb it, helping to regulate the moisture levels. Conversely, when humidity is low, moss can release moisture back into the air.
  • Reduced energy costs - No matter the season, moss walls can help to reduce energy costs. In the colder months, moss walls provide a layer of insulation that keeps the heat in. In warmer months, evapotranspiration allows the moss to release moisture into the surrounding air, which has a cooling effect.

Are moss walls alive?

Living moss requires high light and humidity to thrive – conditions that are not always available in the indoor environment. To ensure that our moss walls consistently look beautiful and contribute positively to the aesthetic of your space, we use real moss that has been ecologically harvested and preserved with non-toxic glycerol and natural food dyes.

As an added benefit, using preserved moss lengthens the life of the wall. Preserved moss walls do not require any maintenance, so absent overexposure to light, excessively dry conditions, or patron abuse, they can last quite some time. If damage does occur, Ambius is just a call away and can come to perform any necessary repairs.

Moss wall art

If a full moss wall isn’t feasible in your space, consider moss wall art. If your walls have enough room for traditional framed art, they can certainly accommodate moss wall art. Moss wall art can take various forms — we can create standalone shapes or something more like a miniature moss wall, contained within a frame. Our designers frequently use mosses of different colors and types to replicate pictures or company logos as well. The opportunities are endless.

To discuss moss wall options for your space, get in touch with one of our experts today.

Moss wall art

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