As the experts interior landscaping, we here at Ambius take pride in knowing what kind of plants work best in various conditions. However, we also strive to make sure that our plants work well with the design of your office. Having plants in your workspace is important. You may already know there are benefits of office plants that help improve productivity, creativity and more.

Selecting the right plant container is a very underrated aspect of interior landscaping. Containers come in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and shapes. Choosing the right containers for your space and aesthetic is crucial to delivering the best design.

But how do we determine the right plant container to use for an interior? What colors should you choose and where do we place them? We’ll study that in this article.

If you feel your interior landscaping needs some help and you could use more plants around your building, contact your local Ambius office today and discuss your needs with one of our designers.

Container plants for sun and shade

plant pot

We consider a lot of factors for your interior landscaping needs. From taking the time to study the lighting around your space to recommending plants species that will thrive in the interior environment, the art is in the details when it comes to indoor plants.

At the same time, we want to make sure the plant containers we use match the plants effectively, to create a true design aesthetic so the entire package looks great. We work with you to create an interior landscaping design that either stands out and pops, making the plants and plant containers around your building memorable, or to make it blend into the background so the effect is a little more subtle.

We make sure if you have areas that get a lot of sun, you have plants and containers that thrive in those conditions. We also make sure you have the right containers for shaded areas but are really in need of a dash of color and the benefits of live plants.

Plant containers to match your space


Of course, in addition to making sure the right plants match the right plant containers, we want to make sure both of those match your interior space. We do not just show up and start placing plants all over the place. We look at the flow of your office. We study the layouts and natural light patterns. All of these things are taken into account, along with your desires to improve spaces with the use of living plants.

We have an extensive catalog of plant containers. They come in a variety of colors, both bright and more muted. They are tall, wide, skinny, short and everything in between. Our designers have an eye that matches the right plants, colors and containers to your space.

The right color and shape of container can really turn a space into something bright and memorable.

Understanding the human/nature connection


The idea of having live plants around an office is still a relatively new idea. For a long time, it seemed as if humans were doing all they could to keep the outside, well, outside. Yes, it was nice to create a beautiful exterior landscape so it looked nice, but whether or not building occupants had access to nature while indoors was not a concern.

Studies in recent decades, however, have shown that humans still have a strong connection to nature that other animals have. There is a desire to see things that are green, brown or other natural colors. There are benefits for employees to have easy access to indoor plants as well as windows so they can see nature outside.


How Ambius can help you find the right plant containers

If you think your interior workspace or property need some help, contact Ambius. Our design consultants will study the space you have and design for you an interior landscaping plan you’ll love.  Ambius will place plants and their corresponding plant containers in the right places with the right colors to really accent your interior space.

Ambius design consultants are trained to understand how plants can benefit a workspace. We understand that it takes a holistic approach to your space to enhance and improve the look of your office so employees enjoy the plants as much as visitors, customers, and clients. We want the containers to work with your decor and space.

Contact us today and start the interior landscaping discussion today.