It’s hard to not like succulents. These plants are low maintenance, look nice and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Succulent arrangements can enhance workspaces and businesses such as shopping malls. However, these designs involve more than just placing a single succulent in a pot for maximum effectiveness.


Ambius understands what makes a good succulent arrangement and will work with you to find the type which fits your needs. We will not only ensure the plant arrangements work within the conditions of your business, but we make sure it looks great, too. Call us at 888-701-5189 or contact us online to learn more about our succulent arrangement services.

A well-crafted arrangement can create a unique look for your space that makes it stand out to visitors, whether this entails using a decorative container or a terrarium.

Succulent containers

First, it’s important to understand what succulents are. Succulent plants have thick leaves and sap within, to store water in either the leaves or stems. This makes succulents low maintenance because many species need less watering than other indoor plants.

Succulents thrive in decorate containers or even a salad bowl or mug, as long as the container encloses them. Succulents in clear glass containers are also popular. The choice of solid-color or clear glass container depends on if you want the plant itself to stand out.

A container can hold a single succulent or a group, for example, succulents can be paired with orchids and bromeliads for a colorful combination. On the other hand, just one succulent can be planted in rocks for a different and eye-catching look.

It‘s important to remember succulents should be changed out on a regular basis to maintain a healthy appearance. They also need good lighting when used indoors. The good news about succulents, though, is they don‘t need to be changed as much as other types of plants because they are hardier than other indoor plant species.

The right succulent container arrangement can really brighten the aesthetic of your office and make it more visually appealing.

Succulent terrariums

Terrariums are another succulent arrangement option and are one of the hot trends for indoor plants right now. The reason? These arrangements look great and stand out from other plants in pots. When succulents are planted in a terrarium, it offers the creativity to vary them with the season. For example, red berries in the terrarium are perfect for the Christmas season, while blues are a great color for the mid-summer months. A terrarium succulent arrangement can also incorporate objects such as rocks and pieces of wood.

Succulent terrariums have a lot of uses in a lot of different areas around an office. For example, a terrarium works great in a kitchen or cafe area.


Types of succulents for arrangements

The great thing about succulents, and one of the features which makes them so popular, is there are many species available. While not every species is available year-round or in all parts of the country, some great options to consider are:

  • Pencil cactus
  • Jade plant
  • Echeveria
  • Aeonium
  • String of pearls
  • Hoya

Succulents are very versatile, which means the type of succulents and the design of the arrangement can vary based on the type of property. For example, tough succulents capable of withstanding lots of handling from the public are great for high-traffic areas like malls. More delicate succulent plants, like the string of pearls, are great for offices where less handling is likely.

Succulent arrangement trends

The trends for succulents is constantly changing. One of the more popular trends in 2019 is a clean, simple look involving one plant type, a single container and just one layer of material, such as pebbles or rocks, on top. For example, a simple white container with black pebbles can be used multiple times in a row for an attractive effect.

Artificial succulents

If the thought of living succulents and their care is still too much for you, then consider using artificial succulents. Sometimes areas within offices or buildings just cannot be easily reached for watering, or areas may need to be kept too cold for living plants. Ambius designers can take this into account when designing succulent arrangements and use replica succulents. Our designers can determine whether living or replicas are best for your workspace.

Looking for a succulent arrangement?

Succulent arrangements can turn your building into a more welcoming place. If you want to add some life to your building by adding living greenery, a succulent design could be a perfect match. Plus, these plants not only work well indoors but also look great outdoors. Reach out to y our local Ambius office to see if exterior arrangement options are available.

At Ambius, we are indoor plant experts and have a deep knowledge of succulent types and designs. We can talk with you about the options available and identify an arrangement bound to enrich the experiences of customers and employees in your space. Reach out today to get started!