In seeking a hue that echoes our innate yearning for closeness and connection, we chose a color radiant with warmth and modern elegance. A shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless.

-Leatrice Eiseman (Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute)


Twenty-five years ago, the Pantone Color of the Year program was created to show how color can tell a story. Pantone's Color of the Year selection process involves a comprehensive analysis of global color trends across various industries, drawing inspiration from art, fashion, and societal influences. The color experts consider the psychological impact of colors and collaborate with a global network to gather diverse perspectives. 

Each year's announcement builds upon the historical context of previous choices, creating a narrative that reflects society's evolving tastes and values. The chosen color significantly influences design, fashion, and marketing, becoming a cultural benchmark that captures the spirit of the moment.

Pantone’s 2024 color of the year is a soft, pinkish-orange color called “Peach Fuzz.” 

A peachy time 

Peach Fuzz is a sublime hue that symbolizes togetherness, compelling us to seek comfort and unity and appreciate grand and subtle shared moments. As eloquently put by Pantone, “Peach Fuzz captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others. It's a velvety, gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul.” 

Radiating warmth and coziness, this color encourages acts of kindness. Amidst the hustle and bustle of our world, Peach Fuzz acts as a gentle reminder to cherish these moments, urging us to spend time with others and enjoy periods of tranquility. The color of the year prompts a collective pause in our lives as we reevaluate our intentions and priorities, emphasizing the importance of moments with family, friends, and ourselves.

The cozy pink-orange tone of Peach Fuzz is thoughtfully designed to craft a warm and inviting ambiance, bringing forth a sense of belonging. The 2024 color of year encourages us to find peace from within.

Color swatch of Peach Fuzz by Pantone® 23-1023

Fuzzy emotions

The color Peach Fuzz, with its soft and warm tones, can have various psychological impacts on individuals, influencing emotions, moods, and perceptions. 

  • Warmth and comfort
    • Peach Fuzz is reminiscent of the warmth of a peach-toned sunset or the softness of fuzzy peach skin. This can evoke feelings of comfort, security, and a sense of being nurtured.
  • Friendliness and approachability 
    • The color of the year has a warm and inviting hue that can convey friendliness and approachability. In social or retail settings, it may encourage a positive and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Connection
    • Being a symbol of togetherness can psychologically prompt feelings of connection, unity, and shared experiences. This can be incredibly impactful in hospitality and communal spaces.
  • Creativity and inspiration
    • Peach Fuzz's unique and gentle presence may stimulate creativity and inspire innovative thinking. This can be particularly effective in design-oriented or creative spaces.

Design and decor with peach fuzz

Peach Fuzz can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you’re decorating an office space or a hotel lobby, this color possesses remarkable adaptability and can convey a range of emotions.


Use Peach Fuzz in-store displays to create a welcoming and comforting ambiance. Apply the Pantone color of the year to product packaging to add a touch of warmth and charm, especially for items related to self-care, beauty, or wellness. 

Peach Fuzz colored decor would pair well with snake plants in a retail setting. Snake plants can be small or large, with variegated leaves that would contrast beautifully with peach accents. Bringing greenery to a retail environment provides non-aesthetic benefits like natural air filtration and sound absorption, too.

Snake plant in peach fuzz pot


Incorporate the color of the year as an accent color for walls to create a soothing environment. Introduce it through furniture or decor elements to add a touch of warmth without overwhelming the space. The Hybrid Hues palette exhibits a variety of tones that pair well with Peach Fuzz. 

Adding plants to an office space can help your employees feel more motivated, relaxed, and engaged. Consider adding Peach Fuzz colored plant pots for a pop of color that can complement most greenery. Pothos plants would be a great addition to any office as they are low maintenance and easily adapt to various light conditions. 

Pothos plant in peach fuzz hanging pot


Use Peach Fuzz in hotel room decor, bedding, or accent pieces to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Incorporate it in common areas to promote relaxation and comfort for guests. Consider adding hues within the Libations color palette. It caters to refined and cosmopolitan preferences that work well in hotel or hospitality settings.

Floral arrangements using peach-colored roses, tulips, or peonies can be added to reception desks, dining tables, and common areas. To wow guests as they enter your location, consider adding a floral scape with wisteria and ivy to pillars or patio supports.

Pink floral arrangement


Peach Fuzz can be used in healthcare settings, such as patient rooms or waiting areas, to create a comforting environment. Add it in areas dedicated to wellness or relaxation, reinforcing a sense of calm and tranquility. 

Incorporating nature can set your healthcare facility apart from others and enhance the well-being of patients, visitors, and staff. Select planters in soft peach hues to house indoor plants like spider plants, ZZ plants, or any plant that is known for its air-purifying qualities. Green walls can be used to create a calming environment. Adding peach-toned furniture near the green wall can make the green and peach pop!

Spider plant in peach fuzz pot

Peach fuzz predictions

Pantone chose Peach Fuzz as the Color of the Year for 2024, with a deep understanding of the societal trends and the evolving needs of individuals. In a time marked by turmoil and challenges in various aspects of our lives, there is a growing yearning for nurturing, empathy, and compassion. As society imagines a more peaceful future, we recognize the vital role good health, stamina, and strength have in our lives.

In a world often emphasizing productivity and external achievements, the color serves as a gentle reminder to foster our inner selves, finding moments of rest, creativity, and human connection amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life. 

The Pantone color of the year highlights the importance of community and coming together with others. It expresses the collective desire to be close to loved ones, deriving joy from tuning into oneself and savoring moments of quiet solitude. The color embodies warmth, welcoming embrace, compassion, and empathy. Its gentle lightness and airy presence serve as a guiding light toward a future where simplicity is approached in a contemporary way. 

Past colors of the year

Pantone's Color of the Year continues the design story from the previous year, connecting and evolving the visual theme. It reflects ongoing trends and represents a simple yet meaningful progression in the design world.

2023’s color of the year, Viva Magenta, symbolizes a new kind of strength and is characterized as brave, fearless, and inclusive of all. Peach Fuzz encourages us to awaken our senses, and Viva Magenta broadens our perspectives and authenticity, both encouraging us to be our true selves. In 2022, Very Peri encouraged us to embrace new possibilities and see our lives differently. Peach Fuzz and Very Peri emphasize the importance of a forward-looking attitude and positive feelings, and they convey a desire for connection. 

In 2021, the color of the year was Ultimate Gray. It is portrayed as a steady and resilient color. Ultimate Gray speaks to the positivity and optimism that we needed at the time to reset, reimagine, and reinvent. Like Ultimate Gray, Peach Fuzz embodies the movement toward a different future, encouraging us to reset and enjoy the moments we have. 2020’s color of the year, Classic Blue, encourages us to slow down and have a clear mind. It also invokes an inviting feeling, similar to Peach Fuzz’s warm hues. Like Classic Blue, Peach Fuzz encourages us to clear our minds and take a minute to appreciate the moment we’re in.

For 2024, Peach Fuzz was chosen not just for its aesthetic appeal but for the emotional and symbolic significance it carries. It aims to inspire a positive shift towards a future characterized by togetherness, compassion, and a sense of sanctuary. Contact your local Ambius office today to learn how we can help bring color into your space.