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The impact of biophilic design on the guest experience infographic

Did you know? Multi-sensory designs such as ambient scenting and biophilic design are revolutionizing hotels and creating lasting impressions.

Biophilia is the innate affiliation people seek with other organisms and especially the natural world. By infusing plants, scenting, and nature-inspired elements into the hospitality environment, biophilia and biophilic design will differentiate brands while providing guests with a unique and positive experience.

Below is an infographic outlining the impact of biophilic design in a hospitality environment. By tapping into the power of plants and biophilic design, hospitality properties can maximize the guest experience, set themselves apart from the crowd, and leave lasting impressions. Contact Ambius for more information about how this revolutionary design method can transform your property.

Biophillic infographic
Biophillic inforgraphic
Biophillic infographic
Biophillic infographic
Biophillic infographic

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