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High light plants

High light plants grow best when placed in an environment that provides them with a sufficient amount of light. These plants will need to be placed near a source of natural or artificial light to grow properly. After surveying the interior’s light levels, our design consultants will assist you in selecting plants that will flourish in your space.

Browse the selection of plants to find the species that matches the look and feel of your interior. Make an immediate impression on visitors with a Ficus Amstel King or create distinctive ambiance with a Cereus Peruvianus. Regardless if you need to add plant life to a hotel, retail space, or office, we have the expertise to care for the individual needs indoor high light plants require.

Did you know Sculptural succulents are also know as ‘Cowboy Cactus’ or that Yucca Elephantipes require a minimum temperature of 60°F? Click on any of the plant images below to learn more about the plant of your choice.

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