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Miami office plants service

Welcome to Ambius Miami, a place where you can find the solutions you need to add that extra touch of interior design and interior landscaping for your space. Whether you own a hotel, restaurant, bank, office building, condo building or retail space, the addition of live floral creates an atmosphere that customers, clients and employees appreciate. Ambius Miami is the place that specializes in office plant service, indoor plant rentals, ambient scenting and holiday decorations to make your space fantastic all year long.

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About the Ambius Miami team

The Ambius Miami district has seven routes. We service large accounts like Baptist Hospitals, Apple etc. The Ambius Miami office has developed a strong relationship to the businesses they serve. We do everything in our power to provide excellent service on an ongoing basis.

Local expertise in Miami, FL

We are the office plant experts. Miami has a very humid climate and has even been designated a Plant Hardiness zone, meaning that there are certain plants that thrive here. However, it can be tricky to keep indoor plants and office plants thriving when the humidity levels even indoors can get to very high levels. 

That's why our office plant service experts know exactly what indoor plants your space needs. We work with your decor and style, but we also work with the humidity, light levels and interior climate of your space. We want to place the right office plants around your space that will look great and offer all of the right benefits of plants that you need. 

Miami's holiday decor specialists 

We can also make sure that your office or building has the right holiday decor. If you want an elaborate winter display in your lobby, we can help with that, but we can also create more understated, but pleasant, holiday atmospheres. What's more, our professional holiday decoration installers make sure the Christmas trees, garland and holiday displays get put up on time and taken down once the holiday season ends. 

Scenting, plants and more 

Our experts will consult with you on what your space needs. Whether that's office plant rentals or replica plants, we have a solution. If you need ambient scenting, we have experts that can make your space smell fantastic. We can install Green Walls and vertical gardens so that it looks like your space is lined with living artwork. To find out more, call us or fill in our online contact form and we'll get one of our interior landscaping professionals to call you right away.

Miami Plant Rental

Our Miami plant rental service is the perfect solution if you’re looking to beautify your office. From installation to maintenance, Ambius takes care of everything. Our design consultants will find a solution that suits the specific needs of your space. Whatever you’re envisioning, our catalog of floor, table, blooming, and replica plants is sure to satisfy.

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