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Nashville office plants service

The Ambius Nashville branch, offers you a complete range of design services for the business indoor landscape. Rent plants through our interior plant service, install a living green wall, select art for your building, add ambient scenting to your workplace, or let us help with creating inspiring interior plantscapes for your company. Ambius can handle your project small or large. Contact us today for a free quote.

Ask us about our commercial holiday décor and seasonal office plants! Make sure to fill in our online contact form to get things started!

Enhance your workspace

Ambius offers a complete range of design services for the interior business environment. For example, our color bowl arrangements that come in various sizes with colorful blooming plants such as orchids, azaleas, kalanchos, mums, bromeliads or begonias and includes greenery adornments. Our Premium Scenting service comes in a variety of scents including woody, floral, gourmand, fresh and clean, and seasonal. Let Ambius create a business interior for you that stimulates the senses.

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The Ambius SmartWall™

A freestanding living green wall display with automatic irrigation encased in a decorative cabinet. Available in Matte Black, Ivory, Walnut and Cedar. A number of different sizes are available.

Plant rental Nashville

If you have a business in Nashville, you’re lucky because Ambius has an office there, too. What this means for you is that you can contact our Ambius office in Nashville and get our plant rental services for your business. This allows you to reap the benefits of office plants around your workspace without the time spent normally associated with adding living plants to your business yourself.

Plants can have a great impact on the working environment. They can help increase employee productivity and reduce absenteeism. Customer and clients appreciate the beauty and benefit of property places and maintained office plants, too. However, the costs of maintaining office plants can be something that causes Nashville business to reconsider investing in interior landscaping. Ambius plant rental services solves that problem.

To find out how Ambius in Nashville can enhance your office space and your business, you just need to contact us today and start the discussion about our plant rental services.

Local expertise in Nashville, TN

At Ambius Nashville our interior plant service offers a full range of Ambius office plants maintenance and servicing, including options to rent plants, ambient scenting, replica plants, framed art, living green walls and commercial holiday décor. See what the benefits of plants can do for your workplace!

If you would like to see what we can do to enhance your workspace, fill out our online form today!