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Plant design case studies

Take a look at our case studies to see what we have already created for our clients:

  • The Taubman Center 
  • Longwood Gardens 
  • Baltimore's National Aquarium 
  • Palm Beach Community College 
  • Peak Auto 
  • Renaissance Hotel
  • Red Robin

Taubman Centers

To maintain its image as the unsurpassed retail leader, Taubman Centers chose 16 properties for physical enhancements. The goal was to choose plants that were in keeping with Taubman Centers’ refined image, while dealing with the realities of a competitive marketplace. 

Ambius recommended replacing live plants with elegant replica foliage under a lease-to-own investment. Although the initial investment in new high quality replica plants was substantial, Ambius’ financial assessment confirmed the centers would enjoy considerable savings over the next ten years. The new replica plants successfully reflect Taubman’s brand image, while maintaining overall value. Without exception, all 16 centers are showing dramatic savings on plant maintenance.


Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens is the world’s premier horticultural display garden with acres of gardens, woodlands and meadows. Its long-awaited East Conservatory was unveiled recently to serve as a spectacular showcase for Longwood’s horticultural expertise. This prestigious display garden sought to move and install 75 exotic and highly valuable large palms, cycads, ferns and trees into the newly restored conservatory. 

The project involved rigging, moving, and planting individual specimens that ranged between 10 and 40 feet, weighing up to 9,000 pounds. Ambius’ talented and experienced horticulture professionals allowed this prestigious and delicate job to be completed under budget with no damage and in only 10 days. The spirit and beauty of the early twentieth-century gardens was preserved for its future visitors.

Baltimore's National Aquarium

The National Aquarium in Baltimore opened a highly anticipated new exhibit: Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extremes. In order to recreate an authentic experience, it was necessary to plant more than 150 indigenous large trees and plants in the exhibit's rock structures and cliffs. The rock structure rose from 40 feet above the entry level, and another 35 feet to the top of the cliffs. 

Ambius devised a plan to rig and hoist all the trees from the first floor level right up to the rock face waterfall and into the exhibit area. The trees were “trapezed” from one hoist to another until they arrived safely at their planting cliff and rightful position. The results exceeded client expectations. With the live trees and plants that Ambius secured and installed the new habitat successfully depicted this land of flood, drought and fire.


Palm Beach Community College

Palm Beach Community College understood the appeal of plants in educational environments, and wanted to use them to create a positive learning atmosphere for students and visitors to the newly built student center. Considering the health and safety needs of the student population as well as creating a pleasant, inviting space were foremost in the minds of the student center designers. 

Ambius chose replica plants to and paid special attention to the base of the plants. Choosing resin stones and faux moss that were nearly impossible to differentiate from natural accents provided a safe yet realistic solution. The replica plants provide a welcoming, positive atmosphere while accommodating student health and safety needs that were a concern to the staff.


Peak Auto

An Infiniti dealership wanted a showroom with a casual, fun atmosphere – something totally unexpected for an auto sales office. 

Using a variety of colorful office plants, Ambius created a virtual beach scene not usually experienced in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, nor in a high-end dealership. Plants of assorted shapes and sizes were displayed in striking containers to soften, yet complement, the hard edges of marble counters and dark wood furniture. The soothing and tranquil plant accents with the new dealership’s elegant surroundings makes customers feel comfortable and relaxed.


Renaissance Hotel

Located in the middle of a busy hotel lobby, the restaurant at the Renaissance offered diners virtually no privacy or ambiance conducive to relaxed dining. Restaurant management wanted to create a Mediterranean setting, but recognized potential constraints created by inadequate lighting, as well as a limited budget. 

To make the best use of the low light of the restaurant’s perimeter, Ambius installed several 12 foot replica ficus trees, providing an attractive barrier to shield diners from noise. Two rock walls were fabricated to hold raised planting beds of live blooming plants and shrubs accented by trailing vines and ferns. The client was so pleased with the completed project that the restaurant’s entrance was redesigned to direct customers past the Mediterranean garden, setting the mood for a quiet and wonderful dining experience.


Red Robin

Red Robin® Gourmet Burgers incorporates plants into all of its restaurants’ décor, using the greenery to soften the space and help with noise reduction. Red Robin® turned to the Ambius National Accounts Program to provide quality of service, pricing, and national coverage.

Ambius provided Red Robin® with a National Accounts proposal that was far more cost effective than working with a range of regional vendors, leading to significant cost savings, increased quality of service, and improved turnaround time for store completions. By the end of 2006, Ambius had designed and now maintains nearly 200 Red Robin® locations nationwide.