Among all of the senses, scent is the most powerful trigger of emotion and memory. We are 100 times more likely to remember something we smell than what we see, hear, touch or taste. As a result, scent is a great tool businesses can use to increase sales and build their brand. From a retail standpoint, ambient scenting makes employees more helpful, while improving customer service perception. Additionally, studies have shown that scented stores are viewed as having higher quality when compared to non-scented stores.

Shoppers also see many benefits when shopping in stores featuring a pleasurable aroma, causing customers to spend significantly more. Ambius specifically formulates certain scents to appeal to different age groups and genders. We help our customers create customizable shopping experiences that are unique to their stores. To give you an idea of the different smells you could incorporate into your space, we put together a list of scents that have strong powers to elicit positive feelings and emotions.

Scents that elicit positive feelings and emotions



The clean and refreshing scent of fresh lemon has the power to enhance your performance and improve your attitude if there is something that you are stressed out about. When your employees have a project that is especially tough, an ambient lemon scent may help them stay calm so they can do their best work.



Lavender has been used as aromatherapy for decades. It has strong healing properties that have been shown to reduce stress levels. When alone or combined with other scents, it can greatly impact your environment because more of your attention is being spent on your original task instead of being stressed out or irritable.



Jasmine, similar to lavender, is used to calm the nerves of those that are stressed out or overwhelmed. Not only does it reduce those feelings of stress, but it actually is able to stimulate feelings of positivity and energy.



Peppermint is a great tool to be used during brainstorming, as it has been shown to invigorate the mind, while creating a feeling of clarity. With the use of ambient peppermint scent, your employees can come up with their best ideas and your customers will be more engaged in their shopping experience.



Patchouli has been used as an insect repellent for a long time, but not many people know its effect on your emotions. It has been shown to increase confidence in people, leading people to work better and harder. When used in retail stores,it has been used to help ease the stress that people feel when they are buying big-ticket items.



Aside from being a symbol of love, roses are also used in training sessions to help employees solidify things that they have learned. A slight rose scent can help employees set their memories when they learn new information.

Scenting in the workplace

Scenting is a very powerful tool in the workplace, whether it is used to remediate a bad smell, or to elicit a feeling it certainly has commanding effects. Surrounding the people in your space with a refreshing and ambient scent makes them feel more at ease.

When used with employees, scenting is able to help them work better and harder, while making them happier. With your customers, it is capable of making your guests browse for longer and thus spend more. Scenting improves brand recognition by creating an easily-recalled connection between your guest and your brand. Make your mark with Ambius’ Premium Scenting Collection.

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