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Premium Scenting

In today’s noisy world, we have become used to receiving visual and auditory brand messages. However, a complete customer experience involves stimulating all five senses. Ambius Premium Scenting uses the subtle, yet powerful sense of smell to add an extra dimension to your brand message.

We are the world’s leading air care specialists, creating bespoke scenting solutions for your business. Our high-end programs, diagnostic tools and consultative approach ensure the delivery of the perfect scent impression for your unique brand. Our scent experts will work with you to select a scent that not only complements your brand image, but becomes a part of your brand identity.


Why should I scent my space?

The right scent can trigger memories and have a truly powerful psychological impact on anyone who walks into your business. Conversely, the wrong scent can negatively affect the customer experience in an equally powerful way. Implementing a scenting program in your space has many benefits:

  • Eliminates unpleasant odors 
  • Increases dwell time in retail spaces
  • Elevates mood
  • Fosters brand identity
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves productivity

Scent marketing plays a powerful role in all elements of business, but ultimately can increase profits if utilized properly. Our uniquely scented environments reinforce brand values, enhance customer experiences and strengthen brand loyalty, helping brands to interact and emotionally engage with the modern consumer. Contact us and see what our Premium Scenting designers can do for you.

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Unique patented technology

Our fragrances are deployed through our advanced diffusion technology, creating vapors that won’t fall to the floor after emission. This ensures uniform distribution without leaving wet deposits on any surface.

Premium Scenting AirQ Technology

AirQ technology creates microdroplets that are 50 times smaller than a traditional aerosol droplet. Unlike the competitors, the nebulization head is in the cartridge, which reduces the risk of blockage and ensures a consistent scenting experience.

Premium Scenting allows programmable, consistent performance over time that you don’t get from aerosols, gels or wicks. Aerosols spray fragrance in timed bursts, meaning that the intensity of the scent ebbs and flows and then drops off altogether in two or three weeks. Gels and wicks allow for even less fragrance time before they need to be replaced.

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