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The relationship of smell and memory

How often have you walked into a store, restaurant, home or building and smelled something that takes you right back to a pleasant time in your life? Perhaps it's the smell of baking bread, cookies, a certain type of flower, perfume or a thousand other things.

One of the leading triggers of memory is smell, and having the right scents and smells in your place of business can trigger pleasant feelings and memories in clients and customers. This can affect their mood, their emotions and create a better experience.

At Ambius, we are Premium Scenting experts who work with you to select a scent that perfectly matches your brand and business. Triggering the right memories with the right scents is a delicate thing, but the right memories will make your place of business one that clients and customers will enjoy and want to spend more time in.

Science explains memory and smell

The connection between smell and memory is not arbitrary and it isn't just theory: it's science. Back in 2004, a scientist named Dr. Linda Buck actually won the Nobel Prize in physiology after studying how humans can differentiate thousands of smells. Some estimates that the average human brain can tell the difference between 10,000 different smells that range from freshly baked bread to that favorite barbecue recipe.

What Buck's studies proved was a connection between smelling those scents and the memories they trigger. It turns out that there are tiny bundles of nerve cells inside the human nose that can differentiate between all of those scents, and Dr. Buck discovered that when those cells detected a scent, it was within the same sensory area that humans use to store memories.

How scent and memory affect business

Now that it has been proven that scent can trigger memory, the question might be, how does that affect or improve business? There are two things to consider:

  • The time spent shopping in retail environments
  • The overall customer experience

For the first, it has been proven via the same science listed above that those experiencing pleasant memories will stick around longer. If you use Premium Scenting in a retail environment that triggers memories that are positive, customers are more likely to spend more time inside your retail establishment. The longer customers spend in your retail space, the more likely they will be to make a purchase.

For businesses who want to create a positive impression on clients and customers, scenting can make a difference. That means even if you don't have a retail space, putting a scenting machine in the conference room where you give sales pitches to clients can create a more positive experience in the minds of those potential clients. While it doesn't guarantee the sale, it sure goes a long way toward putting your company top of mind.

The Ambius scenting solution

Ambius Premium Scenting experts have the solution for your business. Our scenting machines sends micro-droplets into the air so that you don't end up with residue all over the furniture. By releasing the appropriate amount of fragrance into the air, Ambius Premium Scenting will provide your space with fresh, clean and pleasant aroma without being overwhelming.

Our scents are free of solvents and other potentially harmful chemicals such as propellants that you might get with aerosol sprays. We use organic compounds to create a pure scent that will last.

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