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Phoenix, AZ, office plant services

We're here to make sure that your office, retail space, mall or building is the kind of place that people enjoy being in. That may seem like a simple thing, but if you think that your space is a bit drab, then maybe thinking about ambience-enhancing solutions such as green walls, live office plants or replica plants might be the right solution.

The great thing about indoor plants is that they provide a benefit for customers and clients, but also for employees who get to enjoy that touch of greenery when they are spending many hours indoors. Ambius Phoenix has office plant services that work with your needs.

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Experience the benefits of indoor plants with Ambius

For years, Ambius has been providing properties around the Phoenix area with indoor plant solutions they can rely on. Whether it's a mall that needs a complete plant re-design or an office that needs just a few plants around the elevators, we can help. The benefits of plants are many. In short, plants look great and make a space feel better, more inviting and more pleasant.

Our office plant services include working with one of our interior landscaping specialists to find the right solution. We install the plants and then help maintain them so that you always have healthy displays for people to see and admire.

Christmas and holiday decor for Phoenix

When the holidays come around you can spend all of the time decorating your space on your own, or you can let the experts in holiday decorations do it. We are experts in making sure that the space you have is decorated just right. If you want an eye-popping holiday display, we can do that. If you want something a little more subtle, but that still conveys that homey, holiday feeling, we have the decorations that can do that, too.

Everything from Christmas trees, ornaments, holiday plants, garland and other holiday displays are put together by our professionals installers and then shipped to your space at just the right time. Our veteran installation team will put together your display so you get maximum benefit during the holidays and then take it down when the celebrations are over.

We recommend booking your holiday decoration install date early in the years as they fill up fast!

Ambius experts in scenting and replica plants

In addition to indoor plants and holiday decorations, Ambius has additional services available that will enhance your space. If your space is not conductive to live plants, we can create attractive displays using replica plants. You'll be the only one to know they're not real!

Ambius also offers Premium Scenting services that will make everything smell just right. If you're interested in any of these solutions, then call us or fill in our online form to set up an appointment today!

Plant rental in Phoenix

Let the Ambius Phoenix team do all of the work when it comes to greening your space. Our vast plant catalog of tabletop, floor, blooming, and replica plants will help our designers bring your vision to life. Taking advantage of the plant rental options Ambius has to offer means never having to worry about plant care. Our plant experts will water, prune, and rotate so that you can just sit back and enjoy your “green” office.

Send us a message or call us at 888-662-2101 to discuss plant rental with our design consultants.