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Janice Nath: Ambiance expert

We're pleased to introduce you to Janice Nath, an interior plant designer and scent branding expert who works on Ambius projects in the San Diego and Arizona markets.

Janice has a passion for scent marketing branding and designing interior spaces to enhance the workplace while meeting her clients’ vision. The project images below are just a small sample of the diversity of Janice’s interior plants design. Take a look at the full portfolio to see Janice’s exciting work!

Award winning projects

Janice Nath has been with Ambius for years and has helped design some amazing award-winning projects for our clients. Each project is unique and has to fit the space for which it is being created. Click on the modules below to find out how Janice Nath created these award-winning designs and worked with the clients.

Customer testimonials

“This has been a very pleasant experience working with Ms. Nath’s wide experience when it comes to transforming a space with floral arrangements; also her openness to listen, and provide any advice to make the very best outcome of an empty space. Her ability to incorporate colors and Art, that creates a warm atmosphere for her clients. We are very pleased having Ambius and Janice taking care of our needs.”   

- Silvia Torres, Banco Santander International

“Our Christmas tree this year is one of the best and most beautiful ones I have seen in the over 20 years I have been at the hotel. It is spectacular and so very festive. I know you all spent hours and hours to make it so gorgeous.”   

- Helga Crump, Sheraton San Diego