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Seattle Office Plants Service

Welcome to Ambius Seattle, offering you a complete range of design services for the business indoor landscape. Rent plants through our interior plant service, select art for your building, add ambient scenting to your workplace, install a living green wall or let us help with creating inspiring interior plantscapes for your company. Ambius can handle your project small or large. 

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Local expertise in Seattle, WA

The Seattle Ambius team works closely with our clients to pick the right plants and containers to bring new life to the work or commercial space.

Want an updated and custom plant or floral design? Ambius can help with all of your Interiorscape, Blooming color, Exterior embellishment, Ambient Scenting, and Framed Art needs. Brighten up the grey winter days with fresh lively color, beautiful pictures and the scent of spring!

Have you considered how smell affects your business experience?
Of the five senses, smell is the most powerful trigger of emotions and memories. That’s why sophisticated businesses seeking to provide a compelling experience using ambient scenting that their customers and collogues will benefit from. Adding a subtle hint of ambient scent can also change the mood in any environment.

Premium Scenting scenting for your workplace

Hospital and clinic workers notice a calming and comforting effect on patients and families in waiting rooms. What’s more comforting than the smell of cookies baking in mom’s kitchen? We hear there has been a rush on cookies at some food vendor locations near the source of the Ambient Cookie Scent.

Maybe Fresh Cut Grass is more appealing to you… Fresh Linen, perhaps? With a Premium Scenting unit installed, you can choose a new scent every month from our varied scent inventory.

As a reminder, our Seattle interior plant service offers a full range of Ambius office plants maintenance and servicing, including options to rent plants, ambient scenting, replica plants, corporate art, living green walls and commercial holiday décor. See what the benefits of plants can do for your workplace!

Plant Rental in Seattle

Did you know that the presence of plants in the workplace reduces stress? What workplace doesn’t need a reduction in stress levels? Further, there are many other benefits of adding plants to your office. Plant rental from Ambius Seattle provides the opportunity for a stunning interior landscape without the added stress of maintenance. Our experts will visit regularly to care for the plants for you.

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